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Here is the new way to go Smarter & Get Rewarded at the Places you Love with Froogal app.

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the best places around you.

Froogal makes it far easier to discover the best plaes around you such as Restaurants & Bars, Spa & Saloons, Groceries, Electronics, Apparels, Gifts & Stationeries, Entertainment and many others.

Go Cashless

At the places you love with Froogal.

Welcome to the cashless era.
No cash, cards, loyalty cards are required when you have the Froogal app installed on your phone.
There is no need to fumble for change or even carry a wallet to pay your bills at different outlets.
Now pay the exact amount with a click at any participating location of froogal.


With Froogal Loyalty Program.

Froogal ensures you stay connected with your favorite places by earning more and more rewards.
Get discounts on bills, free services and products or Froogal points, which can later be used for paying your bills at every checkin – all under the loyalty program.
Create loyalty cards at your favourite places to avail huge savings.
Now you need not carry your loyalty cards as Froogal help you digitizing everything in your smartphone

Pre-Order / Book Services

At the places you love with Froogal.

Stuck in traffic? Getting late?
Hate waiting at the places you love?
Time is precious! Use Froogal to pre-order your food or book any service and never have to wait again.
Services can be procured immediately on arrival at the outlet.

Find Fantastic Offers and Deals

With Froogal Loyalty Program.

Why do you spend more money when froogal is offering you great offers and deals.
Select your favorite retailer, opt your offer and redeem at the merchant place!!

Locations, where Froogal is Spotted

Auto Location & Location Selector using Form Input

Froogal for Business

Froogal gives your business a customer–powered marketing solution that works. FROOGAL retail point of sale (POS) solution is a powerful, cloud-based platform that brings together some of the essential tasks to run your retail business. It’s an efficient, easy-to-use system that can help you boost profitability, simplify in-store operations, and improve customer service and loyalty.
It’s a simple-to-use service that will keep your diners happy, attract new ones and help ensure your business runs at maximum efficiency.

See Froogal In Action

We have made our App available on all Major Platforms. Download on Play Store