Enable the most rewarding Loyalty Program at your Grocery Store with Froogal and skip the customer churn

Froogal is mobile-based customer loyalty platform that’s ideal for supermarkets and specialty grocers including ethnic markets, health food stores, candy stores, meat and seafood markets and more!

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Get to know your Best Customers
Start knowing your customers in more details like their Interests, study their shopping patterns and recognise your VIPs to spread good word of mouth across neighbourhood while improving your revenue

Auto-Engage your Customers

Froogal helps you collect feedback across all the channels and identify customers churned to return back through automated and personalized campaigns, and turn every customer to loyal one

Support You Can Count On

Every Froogal Merchant receives one-on-one support from their Merchant Success Manager, a real human dedicated to giving you the very best Froogal experience.

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